Suriname, South America, the most beautiful country in the Lungs Of The Earth.....

"Want To Travel To The Amazon? Discover All About The Most Beautiful And Exciting Places, The Wonderful People, The Wildlife, Delicious Foods of Suriname in South America!"

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Messenger: Esther Lijkwan

Date: 06-13-2009

 Traveling To Suriname

Dear adventurer,

When I start telling you about Suriname where I emigrated to 6 years ago I can go on and on and on.... So let me try to keep this short and explain how this amazing country has changed my life for the better and why I love living in Suriname each and every day.

Who Am I?


I enjoy telling people about Suriname so much and since my true passion is writing I decided to write this travel guide for Suriname and show Suriname to the world. 

It is a up to date travel guide with my own experiences of Suriname woven through it.


In this 127 pages professionally translated e-book: 


In the best Travel Guide For Suriname, called:
"Colourful Suriname, the Lungs of the Earth"

You will find:
  • All about the comprehensive history of Suriname
  • All about the multiple population groups and their culture
  • How to be prepared when traveling to Suriname and to save money
  • The Animals of Suriname
  • The Rain Forest of Suriname
  • All the beautiful resorts and their activities....
  • A short fictional story I wrote myself and won the second prize in a international literature festival with!
  • Information on hotels, restaurants, car rentals and even hospitals and doctors.
  • Opinions from other travelers to Suriname.
  • All tour operators with addresses.
  • Where the shopping hot spots are and the details on the best places to shop for 24 karat gold jewelry
  • The cities of Suriname.
  • Learn to speak Sranan Tongo ( Surinamese)
  • Information about vaccinations.
  • Where the Sport fishing hot spots are (fish like the red tail catfish and giant anyumara ) and the best hiking spots.
  • And LOTS more......

So .... EVERYTHING  you want and need to know if you are interested in or thinking of visiting the amazing country of Suriname!

And of course in this book you will find a lot pictures as well, a lot of them even made by a real artist!


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"You Wrote A Beautiful Book About Suriname."

Very informative, great description of the Surinamese people and their cultures, the fauna and flora, the interesting places and so on..... 

You give me spirit to practice this e-book. I read a lot about Suriname but this is really complete and very clear. And it is from first hand! It is worth it's money! 


Marc De Tiege

Belgium- Europe


" Keep Up The Good Work! "

I am reading your book now and I must say: WELL DONE!
You wrote down a lot of information and very conveniently arranged. For real, it is very interesting to read. Keep it up!

Esther Dams                     

Esther Dam Productions
Amsterdam- The Netherlands

(Looking for the Dutch version of my book? Visit )

I am convinced that you will be as much in love with Suriname as I am after reading this book and that the book will make it very easy for you to know where to go and how. So you will be prepared, can save money and have lots of fun!


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Bonus : Two handy lists with everything you need for traveling to Suriname on it.

This is an e-book, a digital book in .pdf file, which you can download immediately.


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Have fun and a great day!


(Looking for the Dutch version of my book? Visit )

Copyright Esther Lijkwan 2009

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